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WRITTEN ON April 16, 2014, by ML
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1N10D on NPR

As you may have heard through other channels, I was interviewed a few days ago by Karen Brown at WFCR (New England Public Radio) about my 1N10D project, as part of their Summer Fiction Series. The series primarily focuses on local authors (I'm tempted to say 'real' authors) with new books to promote, and the original plan, I guess, was to include the 1N10D experiment as a sort of counterpoint to the traditional approach to writing. However, since the story (1N10D) is so gripping (!) it's apparently been promoted to appear alongside the other full segment pieces as a stand-alone installment to be aired sometime this week...

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WRITTEN ON July 16, 2012, by ML
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1N10D Complete!

Raise a glass, shed a tear, to the conclusion of 1N10D. I learned a bit, collected some coin for Voices Unbroken, wrote 50,000 words in 10 days all on open screen, did a live broadcast reading, enjoyed many lively discussions with puzzled people about what and why, maybe got some useful ideas, and completed my mission and vision. But in the end...

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WRITTEN ON June 20, 2012, by ML
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Day SEVEN, excerpt - Alien

She had just started north when she found the blond boy, crying. She almost walked right past him. He was standing by the railing, holding tight to it with both hands, a little inlet between two piers, staring resolutely out over the slop and the chop at the wider green expanse of a Hudson that was stroked with reds and greens of the lowering sun. He was hardly memorable, standing there, just one of the tourists and residents who skirted past on bikes and rollerblades, but she saw the tears on his face and, before that, saw his strange savage expression that pulled her up short...

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WRITTEN ON June 13, 2012, by ML

Miserable second day effort on 1N10D

Here's what happens when there is nothing to be said. It's not pretty....

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WRITTEN ON June 05, 2012, by ML
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FIVE (?) days to 1N10D launch...

As we get closer to 1N10D launch day Eddie has gotten increasingly blasé about the whole thing while I've conversely gone into an ever heightening state of panic. What the hell is he planning to write about?! He gazes at me sympathetically and a little contemptuously through his weird glasses when I approach him about this, clearly he thinks such details are beneath...

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WRITTEN ON May 30, 2012, by ML

One Week to 1N10D

One week to the launch of 1N10D

Hopefully nobody expects it to yield an actual 'novel' in the traditional sense, like something you pick up in a store to READ. Well, nobody that is except maybe Edward LeFont himself who, bless his heart, lives in a dream world of limitless potential. The man claims to STILL have no idea what he's going to write about and...

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WRITTEN ON May 28, 2012, by ML

An awkward situation

I was in a fairly large auditorium that was hosting a combo of book talk/promotion and Town Meeting session, and some of the reunion folk were there and some of the T.M. and Amherst folk were there, mostly in the back due to the unruly behavior of their children. I sat in back next to TT who was uncharacteristically cheerful about his kids clowning around and making noise (he was basically ignoring them in the way people on antidepressants or wine are able and apt to do) but I was more intrigued by...

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WRITTEN ON May 24, 2012, by ML

Driving Toward Paris

I was driving with AR. We had just maneuvered off a big ferry boat, the channel crossing, and now were coming down a long sweep of empty, orangeish lamp-lit highway heading toward the sprawling lights of Paris below us. But first we stopped for the night at a sort of upscale hostel. It was upscale because...

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WRITTEN ON May 22, 2012, by ML

1N10D - Unpacked

There's been a lot of curiosity and speculation regarding Edward LeFont and his 1N10D speed-writing challenge that was first mentioned on this blog a few weeks ago. Here you will find all the OFFICIAL information, guidelines and evolving details. Click through to read about the entire glorious event...

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WRITTEN ON May 05, 2012, by ML
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